NB990v3 Colossal

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A 990v3... explosive!

To celebrate the final episode of Attack on Titan (04/11/23), we have designed this 990v3 Colossal whose color code you will recognize. All in Italian nubuck, it presents several emblematic details: a laserized muscle fiber pattern, the words "SNK" as well as the dates 845 and 850: destruction of the walls of Shiganshina and Trost in the series. Finally, the words “God of Destruction” sit on the tongue.

Whether you're Team Armin or Team Bertolt, this pair is made for you!

Manufacturing time: 10-12 weeks

*This finished product is part of our Bespoke customization service. We only manufacture the upper of the pair, the sole comes from a product of the brand*

Size: 38