Dunk White Tiffany

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A piece of jewelry or a pair of sneakers? Why not the two of them.

On the occasion of the release of the collaboration between Nike and Tiffany, we wanted to offer our own vision of the product while paying homage to the emblematic collaboration between Nike and Diamond in 2005. Named by the public "Dunk Tiffany", the original pair (black/blue) has become a legend and one of the most iconic colors of the Dunk silhouette.

We therefore imagined a "White" version made of Tiffany blue leather from a bag of the brand, white alligator leather and a beautiful smooth leather finishes it all.

Manufacturing time: 10-12 weeks

*This finished product is part of our Bespoke customization service. We only manufacture the upper of the pair, the sole comes from a product of the brand*

Size: 38